Wk 17 2017-2018 MKMMA Rick Mahoney

Still continuing to run late, but so be it. In the midst of significant turmoil I am nevertheless happier in many may respects than I have ever been. I attribute much of that to this course. This is the first year I have not written what is actually someone else’s DMP just to get it done and accepted. Too much money, too much hype, not enough of the real me. It is not that I would not like a ton of money, and a huge house with lots of toys, and that can come at some point, but I want and am getting pretty close to real peace! Peace of mind, peace of heart. Throughout my life I have always been happiest when exploring, learning, sharing, and teaching. Whether it was Tennis, my relationship with God, working with my hands building and or fixing things or just riding my Motorcycle or car wherever the whim took me, or just wandering in the woods or new towns, cities and sharing the thoughts, feelings and memories etc those are the things that have always excited me and simply been FUN.

Dec 11, 2017 I had a knee replacement. Just prior to New Years I had a long and as usual, interesting visit with my Dr who over the years become a genuine, beloved friend. We had our usual conversation about the state of the country, politics, the world, our kids and grandkids. He told me about some bypass surgery he had scheduled. We shook hands, hugged and wished each other best wishes. That day or maybe the next I had an uncomfortable feeling. On Jan 2nd I called his office to get a prescription refilled, and ask how things had gone for him. His nurse sobbingly told me he had died Jan 1st. I am 72 heading for 73  April 10th, and he would have turned 74 April 23. At his Funeral a number of his patients spoke of him, his love of life and his love of his patients. I Commented that I felt sure EVERY one of his patients would agree that we ALL knew he had other patients, but that everyone of us felt he was OUR DR. That is just the way he made everyone feel. When we were with him he had no other patients, just us, we were all number one. WE WERE HIS BLISS!

SOOOO thank you George, my friend, brother, and doctor!!!!! To everyone else Let’s all keep hanging on, hanging in and living and sharing  our own lives of adventure and love.

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2017-2018 MKMMA wk 16 Rick Mahoney

This will be brief! mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually doing great! We got close to 2 feet of snow today, and I will snow-blow the drive, walk, and path to our oil tanks tomorrow morning. Great test for my new knee, which is feeling great!

MKMMA There is NOTHING like it!

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2017-18 MKMMA week 14 Rick Mahoney

Knee is doing GREAT! Head is doing great, heart, soul, and true me is doing best of all. Poking along to catch up, but not freaking out about time frames. Once again measuring myself not by page numbers etc, but by how I feel about my journey. It IS MY journey, and I am primarily attached to “The truth is knowledge of what is, what has always been, and will always be eternally that we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy CHILDREN of a living, loving God and therefore we CAN be what we WILL to be and I Rick Mahoney am doing it “NOW” every minute, every hour, everyday and that is sort of the Frame around the bliss I am in search of and becoming. The mist is still there, but not so overwhelming as previously.

My goals are MY goals, not copies of anyone else’s though I do share  a number of visions and ideas with others. For this moment though the only “burning desire” is   clearing the mist, and sharpening the vision of the me without so much “concrete”.

Here’s to us all wishing others the best in thier similar journeys, and helping each other where we can. I am at in motion and at peace! I simply do not remember ever being this much at peace!


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2017 Wk 11 MKMMA Rick Mahoney

This will actually be wks 11, 12, 13 as I have recently had my right knee replaced. I scheduled this this surgery some time ago knowing  that it would coincide with our break period, and it would be a good test of how far I have finally come, or not! I am delighted to be able to say that I have done well! I have not been on the calls or webby’s, but In am doing very well (pardon the pun) standing on my own two feet. I have printed all the lessons and worksheets.

My physical therapist can not believe how well I am doing, and how quickly I am healing. Surgery was Dec 6th and I will have all the stitches out Tuesday the 26th. I will continue with all the physical therapy and and excercises doing triple loads of stretches etc.

I have been and, continue to focus my meditations, sits, and research on just exactly what my true heart’s desire is in terms of business and finances. I know that I am an explorer, sharer, teacher by nature, and I really love the concept of network marketing when it is done right. That said, I have not yet found my “home”, but my gut tells me I am oh so close!


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2017 MKMMA week 10 Rick Mahoney

I feel like Michael Corleone

“Just when I feel like I am almost out, they pull me back in

I wrote a long very long, and, I thought, funny post about the angst of MKMMA and DMPs and when I finished it would not publish, so I will leave this as follows

I am a VERY YELLOW YELLOW IRISH ARIES CHARTER MEMBER OF THE PETER PAN SYNDROME AND DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP. I am at least procrastinating more likely still trying to refuse the call, But I persist until I succeed!


and I am eternally grateful for that but don’t tell them

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MKMMA week 9 2017 Rick Mahoney

OK HOLD ON TIGHT! Here is what finally lit up my heart AND my mind. I CAN be what I WILL to be and I am doing it NOW!!!    Those two linked together struck a chord a few weeks ago. I mentioned that in a previous blog and it continues to set me on fire!

For those of you who don’t yet know anything about me, here I am wk 9 FOURTH YEAR!

I NEVER GIVE UP.  However I also struggle to really dig in and start, BUT I am actually paying attention to my coach and finally am excited doing what I don’t want to do. Yeah old subby new subby etc etc. It’s 2:02 AM, I still play a LOT of Pickle Ball, but not quite as much as I was, and am regularly choosing to “JUST DO IT” as one of the videos stressed. Tonight I took an old I phone and used it to record Law of Compensation, Seven days to a new you, All the affirmations, Press release, DMP, Guy in Glass, Scroll 2, Bl Pr Bldr, Index cards, 7 laws, whole, perf, str powerful etc. Printed photos of 3 houses 1 I grew up in, one I live in now and one for the future me! Still need to fine tune Movie Trailer and a couple of other things to be caught up.

KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT APPLY ITSELF IS TRUE! I really have a lot of energy, but have always (in the past) found a way to be lazy when it comes to things that do not come easy. Coasting and relaxing comes easy, but I finally have (pardon me) really (P……D) myself off!

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MKMMA Week 8 2017 Rick Mahoney

I am continuing to dig in and am feeling better all the time. Yeah I’m still running late, but I am not skipping steps to try to stay current as in previous years. I am not moving on to any step until I complete the ones I am currently on. We have an off week coming up and after that I expect I will be caught up. I downloaded the Master Key Experience APP, but forgot it and wasn’t using it. Using this whole program without leaving anything out IS time consuming for ME, but proving to be well worth the time and effort.  No matter how great everything else is a car won’t go anywhere if you leave out one single gear in the transmission.

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MKMMA wk 7 2017 Rick Mahoney pt 2

AHAH!!!!!!! Three years ago during my first time through MKMMA I made a great Friend John Purdue and I was comfortable enough to ask what, in retrospect was a pretty (I’ll say naive to save face instead of stupid question) What does “knowledge does not apply itself mean”? He told me and yet only just now did it dawn on me that this was a BIG issue. I frequently understand intellectually what something means, but think that is enough. Finally JUST NOW TODAY! IT CLICKED!!!! I am soooo glad my Irish Yellow self finds itself really, I mean REALLY, REALLY hilarious. How can I have a genuinely high I Q yet overlook the application of things I know? Better late than never this year truly seems to be my break through year.  Of course then I wonder how many more of theese huge things are staring me in the face without me seeing them? It doesn’t matter because I know I AM  BOTH smart enough AND dumb enough to NEVER EVER EVER truly give up, Sort of a mixed blessing which I accept with a “Thank You”

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MKMMA week 7 2017 Rick Mahoney

AHHHH the MKMMA see saw! We where away last Sunday and I was not on the WEBBY.  I was already running behind, so even though I was so sure I would get caught up and watch the replay I have not and did not. Cruise control strikes again!!!! So; short blog this week, and back to work. Have done all my reads, but fell behind on sits which I reminded myself several times this week to be careful of. They seem to me to be the glue that bonds new pieces in place.

Well I can at least chk off blog as done and move on!

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MKMMA WK 6 2017 Rick Mahoney

Another week and another year. I am really excited! Four years in and still battling the old Blueprint. The difference this year is NEW BLUEPRINT is lengthening  the stride!!!! I have not given ANY serious thought to bailing out, and am staying calm, peaceful and HAPPY. Have not missed one day of working on maintaining habits. Past years got behind and skipped some days here and there. Have missed only one or two reads, though running behind a little from time to time. Upside is I am about to post my true to the heart, spirit, and soul  DMP. I am sure my guide will have some thoughts and suggestions which I will take to heart. Past years I posted an acceptable DMP in order to keep moving and try to stay current, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! It is too important and I am thoroughly peaceful about what really matters to me.

The dash Mark taught us about is, for me fun and exciting. I am 72 and have beaten all sorts of odds with Pancreatic Cancer completely clear now for 3 years without needing any chemo, or radiation. I feel great, play Pickle ball at a pretty high level keeping up with and blowing past MANY FAR younger players. Still fast as lightning and have far more endurance than many players 20, 30, even 40 years younger. I am shooting for 120! I KNOW why I am still here, what I really care about, and what God has in mind for me. My DMP has some pretty significant financial goals, and yet they are not the real meat of what matters. Following the promptings and directions of the Lord includes taking good care of my family, and being able to help others, so  yeah, I am a little behind with the press release and color panels so what! More important to actually be on the right track than a particular timetable. We will get to our right place at our right time.              “HE” and “I” are on it!!!!

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