wk 9 Old bl prt take a hike

o.k. off the diet big time. Been hanging on by skin of my teeth for 3-4 wks. Been doing great on the exercises, but have not understood more than one or two words of the instruction at all. Have not been able to accurately follow directions to create movie poster, make recordings or figure out the shapes, colors etc. So old blueprint strongly suggested I just hang it up. I considered using the time this week to go back to wk 1 and redo the whole thing. Then I thought NO WAY. I understand it all enough to hang pictures of everything that would have been on a movie poster. Also Hung pictures of thongs I’d like to have or do or go to as well. Got some help with the recording from John Purdue (GREAT GUY IN THE MKMM) kindred spirit I just love this guy. Any way he helped me download some thing from I Tunes, got I am lost trying to record onto it an overlay of my sayings, so I said the heck with that as well. In addition to a sit I get on my Nordic Track with my I phone listening to my recordings and saying all the stuff needed.I don’t care 9f it isn’t perfect I know and understand my hubby well enough that the message is getting in there and my world within and world without are talking a blue streak. Like Isaid it aint perfect. IT WILL DO BECAUSE I SAY IT WILL AND SUBBY SAYS RIGHT ON!!! It works; maybe could be better, but old bl print 9s ticked off that I won’t quit. Tough luck old bl prt I am moving 0n !!!!


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Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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24 Responses to wk 9 Old bl prt take a hike

  1. Rick, I had to laugh (not at you but with you – I sense your humor in all this) because I feel your pain, but also love your refusal to give in or give up! The subby is real funny about letting go of what it “KNOWS” to be the truth as we have made the same decisions and had the same feelings attached to events for years and years. The subby is definitely resistant to change. Last week I too struggled more that at any point in this experience, but I will not allow my subby the satisfaction of defeat! Keep on keeping on! You’re doing great – even if it’s not perfect it’s progress! Sending loving thoughts your way!


  2. After reading your comment under Alliances to “read my blog” I decided to do so. Boy, am I glad I did. I feel exactly the same as you. I still haven’t gotten my movie poster or recording together. You’ve given me the push I needed to get it done. Thanks, Rick.


  3. Keith McCauley (aka) Mac says:

    Rick, hang in there brother. As one old woodworker to another I can tell you that I have been thoroughly entrenched in the process right up to week 8 when all hell broke loose. My old blueprint started putting a stranglehold on me that I was not sure I could break free of, but I knew then as I know now it just has to be destroyed, I am back on track now and by god if I need to go back to week one to restart and get it clear in my mind I will. Peace, Mac


  4. Keith McCauley (aka) Mac says:

    Reblogged this on MKMMAMAC My Blog and commented:
    It aint always easy. A wise man once said “If you do the easy work, your life will be hard but If you do the hard work, and your life will be easy” Now is the time for the hard work!


  5. Paul Turnert says:

    Rock on man, your in for the long haul. Subby will role over.


  6. Lauri Klein says:

    Hey Rick, I have to say you have pushed through more than I have been able to with the recording. Don’t give up because I need you in this group. Your post inspires me to get that darn recording done no matter what and just hang the darn pictures no matter what. I too am hoping to get things the ‘way they are supposed to be’ over the long weekend. I will tell my old blue print the same thing and send good thoughts your way as well.


  7. run4change says:

    I am so excited that you don’t give up even when those thoughts from the subby attack. Great GREAT job. You are doing monumental things. Keep on keeping on


  8. Monika says:

    It looks like weeks 8-9 have been more difficult for a lot of us. In my case it’s the guilt of not finishing the given tasks (movie poster and recordings). I know that its my lazy subby and I will feel so much better once its done but I will procrastinate for as long as possible! I was telling myself that I will do my recording once I’ll get better. I recon my subby keeps me ill, so I can’t do it 😉 So today I have had some abnormal load of energy and decided to do my recordning with my blocked nose and horsevoice 🙂 Boy – does it feel good? And it only took me less than 30 mins! My subby is a really weird creature. Anyway… Most of materials for my movie poster are ready, so thats my next thing to do tomorrow. Then I will surely feel better and my subby will just have to give up its sillyness and listen to what I want from it 🙂
    Keep up the good work Rick! We will all make it!


  9. Love your determination Rick! The old subby will fight but you got this! NGU!


  10. mschatens says:

    Great to see you getting the hang off it. Keep working and old bleuprint will vanish.


  11. Patti Vancil says:

    Very happy to see you moving forward! You got this!!


  12. drpravir says:

    Glad to hear you’re still among us! You tell that old blueprint who’s running your show.


  13. Willena Flewelling says:

    Wow, Rick, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has struggled with some of this stuff! My poster looks pretty colourless, with all the black & white photos on it, and some of the shapes are the best shade of their colour (triangle is lime green – yech!). But hey! It’s a movie poster, and all the pictures mean everything to me! And that’s what counts. Keep plugging away at it, and things will begin to fall together for you and it will get easier.


  14. Anna says:

    Join the club Rick – you are not alone, I spat the dummy week before last when my old blueprint decided I dont grasp tweetdeck! Dont give in it. If it was easy everyone wold be working on themself and the world would be a different place. Bravo to all of us for getting to this point where we can say “I hit a wall and it did not stop me”.


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