I hit a wall last year at wk 5-6. Kept going, but not really all in. Hit same wall same time this year, but now realize the press release is such a struggle because I am still trying to understand before fully DOING. Got real personal PPns identified this time around,but press release seems pretentious without better defined POA to fullfill DMP. I have not as yet been able to create a true POA to reach my goals. NOT going forward without creating and truly committing to a well laid out plans to align with DMP.

More to come ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


About pffrgm1

Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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7 Responses to MKMMA Wk 5

  1. Hi Rick, I have a sense of your struggle. Hope you keep on keeping on, I admire that you posted here and shared your thoughts. Your new blueprint is awaiting you! That cement can get pretty thick in places, but it doesn’t have to be permanent!


  2. pffrgm1 says:

    Thanks! We CAN be what we WILL to be. Let’s do it now!


  3. yofitsarah says:

    Rick I want more!!!!! So excited for you and to get past the wall. It just means that there is even more amazing things over the wall. Mahalo!


  4. masterkeysb says:

    Yeahhhh Rick…. I can hear the big chunks of concrete smashing into pieces! The bigger the struggle, the bigger the chunks. BAM! Keep going, I so recognise this struggle. Trust, trust, trust the process, relax and have fun 🙂 Sit, sit, sit and keep sharing your honest felt feelings, you’re doing great!


  5. Carolyn says:

    Hi Rick, We all hit walls… Please know that you are not alone (even former guides hit walls). The important thing is what you do in this moment… because every moment is a new opportunity. The past is the past and nothing more. YOU have amazing wonderful gifts to share that no one else can. I can not wait to have you visit me as you are traveling in you Motor home… living your life of incredible abundance.


    • pffrgm1 says:

      Hi; I have stopped trying to stay current week to week! I am going at my own pace and more thoroughly and faithfully completing the excercises, because I am not rushing home to keep up with someone else’s pace. What a world of difference! I have never liked to idea of being obsessed and recently realized obsession and compulsion are not the same. Compulsion does not denote choice and the control freak in me refuses to accept that, but I am actually delighted to have chosen to be obsessed by the things and results I want. My PPNs and DMP are constantly on my mind and that is exactly where I want them!


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