Oh no, not again Rick!

Yes again! This will be my third try. Masochism at it’s best. But hey, a Psychiatrist is really expensive and as a lifetime member the only cost here is the public display of ongoing confusion. I mean really you’d think by now I would have some better idea of who I am and what I want. My PPNs are Autonomy and helping others. When doing the Color coding I show up as around 70% yellow, sort of an even split of White and Blue and about 5% Red. I’ve always thought and said money should be the least important factor in making decisions. “I am not one of those coldhearted money grubbing Reds! I refuse!!! People are far more important”

DAMN! People are most important, (in the past I assosciated Reds with valueing money more that people, so I could not possibly be Red.) Suddenly as I was once again facing and struggling with a genuine affection for ……….. you guessed it MONEY the WHY finally occurred to me that I really do thrive on helping people and that especially at this stage of my life 71 yrs young I can do more to help more people with the tool of money, and a generous supply of same also provides more freedom (autonomy) to help.

So I decided to be a Red. Low and behold as I re-read the traits and characteristics of Reds and Yellows they have a LOT in common. Decision makers? OH YEAH, need ALL the facts to decide or just the bottom line DUH bottom line please! Son of a gun, I AM a Red/Yellow. O.K. then Orange! Don’t tell me I can’t be! Autonomy Baby, Autonomy!!! I am Orange, but now thinking back to any time I have been asked what my favorite color is my answer has always been RED. So, I’ll just continue to be ME! The real authentic version without the doubt and angst. Oh well the doubt and angst have been with me a really long time, so step one on my renewed MKMMA journey for this year is focusing on my new found desire to be Red and see  myself RED in my sittings and go for the Gold in  my business.



About pffrgm1

Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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One Response to Oh no, not again Rick!

  1. kevinrmack says:

    Glad to know you see the value in the master keys enough to return for a 3rd go. I’m on my 2nd! Let’s do this!


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