Week #3


For the last two years I was just “too smart by half” for those of you not from Northern New England  i.e. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, that is how we describe geniuses who know it all! I just did not really pay attention. I thought I was just too busy to really have to dig in deep. I could slide by as I had always done in school. Indefensible as it is, in my own defense, I do test with a fairly high I.Q.  I only now at 71 years old, bothered to read all the directions before assembling the Reverse Osmosis water filtration system I just bought and as usual did not really need to. After all when I was around 13 or 14 yrs old I disassembled the back landing and as I recall the 14 step stair case from our kitchen to the driveway, laid out and numberred all the boards etc, ordered new lumber and rebuilt the whole thing by myself. I also spent about 20 years as a Professional Tennis Teaching Pro and figured out a ton of information about the Brain and muscle memory and how we actually learn. We see things, turn the electrical impulses from our eyesight into electric impulses, then turn those into chemical information which is etched on brain cells and and voila we practice and get the hang of it. With all that intelligence how did I not understand and transfer the importance of HABITS? After all that is all just our body learning and creating, son of a gun HABITS. I love teaching and could go on and on about all the stuff I have figured out, learned, shared, and taught. I am compulsively analytical!

AND YET, it is only now when I am really desparate to build a solid MLM business after failing three other times, and going through the MKMMA course two years running I have humbled myself to actually do it by the numbers as I am told has it occurred to me the power of choosing to actually build good, productive habits. After all, our bad habits have SUCH a hold on us it only makes sense that we can choose and use good habits that will work to our benefit. Go 90 Grow is a course also available from Training Solutions that share the MKMMA information coupled with many actions  (read habits) specific to Building MLM or any other endeavors.

So there apparently is help for a too smart by half, stubborn, Aries, A.D.D. Irishman and what the heck it only took 71 yrs to find it. From here it must be an absolute cake walk RIGHT ?!





About pffrgm1

Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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3 Responses to Week #3

  1. Willena Flewelling says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you decided “to actually do it by the numbers” this time. It’s tough to do, especially as we get older, but it’s also true that the older we are, the more established our old blueprint is, and the more we need to reprogram our subby. Isn’t it wonderful to know that it will NOT take as long to reprogram it as it took to program it in the first place?!!

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  2. kevinrmack says:

    Wow Rick…I just acknowledged something about my habits from reading this blog. I have been “sliding by” most of my life as well. Time to dig deep here too! Thank you!


  3. Hey Rick! Great insight into yourself. Time to teach yourself…hopefully you won’t be the toughest student you ever had. To your success!


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