MKMMA week 9

I promise;

My Personal Pivotal Needs are Autonomy i.e. independence in thoughts and actions

and                 True Health Mental, physical, and spiritual


My Definite Major Purpose in life is to love, protect and provide for my wife, and our Family.

I promise that nothing except God himself takes priority over my wife in my life——- Not work, not recreation, not hobbies. My Wife is my precious, eternal, helpmate, companion, and partner.

In my church we have no paid ministry. We are all called to share in the daily operating functions of the local congregations. I Tithe 10% of my earnings as is typical, and feel fulfilled doing so knowing the Lord blesses, strengthens, and guides me in all aspects of my life. I feel that love and guidance as I work at and grow my MLM business helping others. I plan my personal, business, and spiritual life week by week each Friday with my wife.

I have researched the needed records for my Ancesters and when we travel the country in our motorhome I visit Latter Day Saint Temples to vicariously perform the required ordinances for all who so choose to be sealed together for all time and eternity.

I use a variety of Go90Grow skills to make at least 15 new contacts every weekday and make at least 2 major presentations those days. I utilize my Master Key Mastermind Alliance to help learn, grow and support each other in all our various business endeavors.

By 10-1-17 I earn at least $8,000.00 each month. This provides prof help to clean and maintain our home in a manner pleasing and uplifting for my wife.

By 5-1-18 I earn at least $12,000.00 each month. This provides the opportunity for at least three weeks vacation travel for us each year.

By 5-1-19 I earn at least $25,000.00 each month. This allows the purchase of a motorhome for us to travel with our dog Brooksie.

By 5-1-20 I earn at least $40,000.00 each month, and By 5-1-21 I earn at least $80,000.00 each month. We are blessed to feel financially free for the remaining years of our lives.

I regularly Play Pickle Ball, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water to maintain physical health.

I sacrifice TV and Social Media unless it supports my Definite Major Purpose

Each step this way I feel greater love, safety, security, and gratitude for the opportunity to be as my personal pivotal needs lead me.


I always keep my promises



About pffrgm1

Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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2 Responses to MKMMA week 9

  1. Suzanne Lavigne says:

    Great DMP, I do not know what pickle ball is but I will google that. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lisa lou says:

    I like the way you stair step up with your earning goals. I may have to rewrite mine and copy that. It feels much more attainable. Thanks for sharing it ppffrgm1!


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