2017 MKMMA week 10 Rick Mahoney

I feel like Michael Corleone

“Just when I feel like I am almost out, they pull me back in

I wrote a long very long, and, I thought, funny post about the angst of MKMMA and DMPs and when I finished it would not publish, so I will leave this as follows

I am a VERY YELLOW YELLOW IRISH ARIES CHARTER MEMBER OF THE PETER PAN SYNDROME AND DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP. I am at least procrastinating more likely still trying to refuse the call, But I persist until I succeed!


and I am eternally grateful for that but don’t tell them


About pffrgm1

Father, Grandfather, retired auto damage appraiser at USAA INS. Tennis player, wood worker, active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, and recent Cancer Survivor.
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5 Responses to 2017 MKMMA week 10 Rick Mahoney

  1. rboyea1201 says:

    Wow, 4th year! Good for you and I agree on the not wanted to grow up! 🙂 I’ve learned that nothing profound, wonderful, and/or life changing ever comes easy! Rock on Peter Pan


  2. Steven Earl says:

    With persistence you can succeed. Come on Peter Pan now is your time.


  3. David Peake says:

    I just read the chapter in the color code book (now called the People Code) about us Yellows. I found it very helpful for looking at the areas where we can grow. I was also very encouraged by what we do have going for us. We are blessed as are all the colors. I love your persistence in wanting to break through some of that cement. 4th time thru is impressive. Maybe the expression should be “the fourth time is a charm” not the “the third time is a charm”.

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  4. rebeccaann672 says:

    Love this! Made me laugh!


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