Yeah yeah I know I am a week behind. It’s at least partially intentional. I am essentially auditing this year as a lifetime member and paying more attention to really trying to dig in deeper and worry less about staying current. I have just finished wk 4 and as mentioned this is even better my second time through. I have continued to struggle though with my PPNs and DMP. “I” am finally comfortable with my PPNs of Autonomy, and recognition for creative expression. Translating that into a solid DMP is still a challenge. Those PPNs feel right to my “I” yet it is a struggle to reconcile them with a sense of and desire/responsibility to serve and help others. My first wife (we have three GREAT kids and I will always thank and love her for that) once told me I was generous and not stingy, but definitely selfish, because I always took care of myself and was then generous sharing the rest. That balance seems to be what is on my mind as I craft my statement of my (D M P) “Definite Major Purpose” in life. Master key Part 4:20 Reads as follows referring to “Here is the secret of power, mastery. To overcome does not mean go without things. Self denial is not success. We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong”. More sitting in meditation and immersion in the exercises to knock off some more cement seems in order. I promise that I can and WILL be what I will to be, and what the Lord wants me to be. I always keep my promises! Some just take longer than others. I will post my DMP this upcoming week.
I promise My PNNs are Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression.
I promise My Definite Major Purpose in life is to be a Blessing and a help to all the Lord’s children; not to be especially privileged above others, but to be especially helpful to them. My loving, caring, and sharing inclination is a perfect hand in glove fit for my life and my Home Based business and company, so I am blessed to be successful without major sacrifices. Yes, I trade off some t.v., movies, and play time and I tithe at least 10% of my earnings and 5 % of my time to my church, but what a small price to pay!
I play Tennis and walk with my wife and our dog several times each week to stay fit, healthy, and energetic.
On or before 9-1-16 I earn at least $4000.00 each month from my home based business and am delighted to provide my wife with a professional cleaning service for our home to relieve her of those chores.
On or before 9-1-17 I earn at least $10,000.00 each month and provide my wife a month long luxury vacation wherever she wants to go.
On or before 9-1-18 I earn at least $25,000.00 each month and we purchase a luxury Motorhome to travel wherever we decide to go for 3 or more months of the year.
On or before 9-1-19 I earn at least $40,000.00 each month from my bussiness working no more than 25% of my time and we have at least $2,000,000.00 in readily available negotiable assets.
I take great pride and pleasure building fine wood furnishings to give as surprise gifts to friends and loved ones. It makes me absolutely giddy helping others to discover their untapped skills, and develop them to help others do the same. My absolute greatest joy and thrill personally is doing for and helping others anonymously, in part because that provides the greatest motivation for them to do the same.
These are all things I know the Lord has sent me here to do. His work is done through us and I can think of no greater joy, satisfaction, and blessing than to have a hand in his work.
I always keep my promises!

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wk 3 MKMMA

OK fast forward one step. I now see the string of posts going all the way back to last years blogs. Step 2; I got a 21 page list of the blog roll, but I am not on it. I am not complaining mind you. Every time something has gone awry it has been my error, and I expect to find once again my technical ineptitude is the root cause. My inner control freak is still floating around and my goal this time through is to stop trying to consciously keep EVERYTHING in order and under CONTROL. Guess what… I just don’t have that much control. I have concluded trusting the sub or inner conscious mind to keep things in order is the only intelligent thing to do. That is in fact the part of the mind that has the permanent operating system code (so to speak)locked in. Hey for 70 years, so far, it has kept all the infinitely complex operating systems in balance. I.E heart beat, breathing, chemical balances of the body and trillions of other things in relative harmony. That is the part of our brain that makes something in the order of 4 billion synaptic connections per second in harmony if not perfect unison while the outer conscious mind struggles with something in the order of 2 million. How funny it seems that it appears my ego (maybe everyones ego) is tied up in that comparitively puny outer conscious part of our mind.
Now it is true, I believe, that Man (ladies please read mankind)is the only creature in whom God has entrusted the responsibility to think and DECIDE or in other words freedom to choose between “right” and “wrong”. Funny guy that GOD!? Or is he really just that loving and trusting of us. I believe he is. I believe we are truly the ones created in his image and likeness. He has given us seemingly infinite abilities automatically and has also endowed us with his particular sense of right and wrong along with a desire to choose as he chooses.
For me the choice to be here in this course again is to continue to chip away that layer of protective cement and then trust and assert that tender inner self he has instilled in me and all the rest of us. I was disappointed to realize at the end of last years course that this is a lifelong endeavor. I am as yellow a personality as yellow can be and seek out the (easy)? FUN way. I thought having once done this course I could cruise from here on out. I have grown and learned enough about life and about myself to discover that this learning experience IS fun. How freaking great is that?
P.S. FUN does NOT translate directly to Easy! Always a catch in there. Like I said funny guy that GOD! Oh what’s that noise? I think I actually hear him chuckling right know as I twist and turn. Not maliciously at all, but the very same way I chuckle with joy watching my kids and grandkids learn and grow.I find that is one of the greatest joys of my life!

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Week 2 MKMMAn

I have been known to be a little (ha ha) stubborn and a control freak. Cement, yeah, but it is MINE and took a long time to get it just right! Chip it off and give it up right this minute? ABSOLUTELY from an intellectual point of view, but I have been around more years than I care to admit…. I’ll just say I remember the advent of the Beatles and Rolling Stones age. In any case change has not come easily. As I begin these excercises again (my second time through) I do so with a MUCH more open and welcoming mind. That said, you do not turn the Queen Mary around on a dime😈! In a certain sense that stubbornness has become a help. I got so much out of last year anyway that there is NO stopping now. Am I still a little resistant? Bet your left cheek! Will I do better this year? Bet your right! May I need to come back next year and maybe more? Possibly, but by then I would hope to be a better guide. My umpteenth version of my PPNs last year were typical of my nature. I could or would not list just two. I listed four, realizing the last two were valid and first two were precursors. WHAT THE HECK does that mean? The four were listed as follows True health, providing the physical Liberty, to help others, in order to leave a positive legacy. We will ALL leave a legacy of some sort. I chose mine to be positive and MKMMA is now an integral part of that choice.

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Wk one 2015 MKMMA

And so we begin anew, sort of. I did the MKMMA excercises last year and as so many others have said there IS NOTHING LIKE IT! Starting a new series having done it once is even more exciting to me. I doubt anyone would tell you they got everything out of it already. If they do that in itself is probably proof they did not, because it is as alive and growing as we are. I expect to get even more this time, because well I guess it’s like the second time you ride a roller coaster. Lots of little odds and ends will catch your attention as you are not hyper focused on just figuring out  the mechanics. Last year I bailed out of the digital webcasts after the first couple, because I was rely overwhelmed. I would have ended up bailing out on the whole thing and my inner voice made it real clear it was going to be a more gradual journey that would prove WAY too important and valuable! That was, for me, a GREAT decision. So for you newbies I urge you emphatically to hang in, hang on and relax as much as you can. You really can’t fail. I can not tell you where you will get to, but I dare to promise you that if you hang in, get into the alliances, follow “inner promptings” to find and make friends and reach out you will get more out of it than you can currently understand. You will find many others ready and waiting to lend a hand.

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Where the heck have I been?

It feels good to be posting something. After the initial 26 weeks of the MKMMA exercises I was absolutely COOKED! I’ve had a little more surgery since then, though nothing major this time. When all is said and done I have simply chilled out (in relative terms). Oh, I’ve been on the continuation webinars and the digital webinars and the Guide webinars, and I’ve been reading and doing a lot of the studying/training from Go90Gro as well as my MLM business. Doesn’t actually sound like chilling out when I write it all down though. In any case it is all starting to ramp up again and I am really excited!

Anyway my company has a new product that is amazing! A supplement coming out of 20 years of Alzheimers, parkinson’s research at a Princeton University research Lab. It is already proving to literally be life changing for me and I am sure will be a huge blessing to many others.

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What a ride!!

I just finished re-reading ALL my blogs. Appropriately in advance of the newest scroll I had already found myself and the maze through which I have and am traveling to be hilarious. Consequently I have actually been ahead in some ways. As I have watched my mind blowing up and rebuilding perpetually I have laughed so hard at the nut job that has been and likely will continue to be. Life IS fun and funny in oh so many ways.

God Bless us ALL, we need it.

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World is upside down

Well not exactly, but I live in New England and spent a week in Calif and it is different. First off there was no snow, I just didn’t know what to do. Nothing to shovel. Traffic flow is different, but not altogether bad. Got a reminder of what that thing called the Sun is. One highlights of the trip was that I got to meet my Mastermind friend John Perdue in person. We are a regular Mutt and Jeff duo. (for you kids that mens one is quite tall and the other well ISN”T.)

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