MKMMA week 2 2017 Rick Mahoney

In all honesty I am right now just fulfilling a course requirement to Blog and share. Trying to at least post something, almost anything for the sake of building and maintaining good habits, which as we all have heard, read and I am accepting “Good habits are the key to all success.” It is getting late and I am really tired. I am putting soooo much more of my heart, soul, and brain into the lessons, and exercises this year.

Stubborn old Rick signing off for now. Love u all

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MKMMA week 1 Sept 2017

Well here we go again! This will be my fourth year in this Masterkey course, and I am looking forward to it. My mind is in a better more humble and committed place. I am prepared to ask for help no matter how dumb I feel my questions may be. I am tired of feeling like I am failing. Am I really sure exactly what my true heart’s desires are? No, not at this moment. Am I tired of chasing the dreams society holds so dear? Absolutely! So what am I sure of? I want enough, but exactly what does that mean? It is a little different for each of us isn’t it, and what If I have committed to an enough that is not in harmony with my deepest needs. How do I do both? How do I find that balance?

I guess that really defines my hearts desire, so at least I have a more clearly defined target!

Hang on, it’s going to be a fun ride!!!!!!

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MKMMA week 9

I promise;

My Personal Pivotal Needs are Autonomy i.e. independence in thoughts and actions

and                 True Health Mental, physical, and spiritual


My Definite Major Purpose in life is to love, protect and provide for my wife, and our Family.

I promise that nothing except God himself takes priority over my wife in my life——- Not work, not recreation, not hobbies. My Wife is my precious, eternal, helpmate, companion, and partner.

In my church we have no paid ministry. We are all called to share in the daily operating functions of the local congregations. I Tithe 10% of my earnings as is typical, and feel fulfilled doing so knowing the Lord blesses, strengthens, and guides me in all aspects of my life. I feel that love and guidance as I work at and grow my MLM business helping others. I plan my personal, business, and spiritual life week by week each Friday with my wife.

I have researched the needed records for my Ancesters and when we travel the country in our motorhome I visit Latter Day Saint Temples to vicariously perform the required ordinances for all who so choose to be sealed together for all time and eternity.

I use a variety of Go90Grow skills to make at least 15 new contacts every weekday and make at least 2 major presentations those days. I utilize my Master Key Mastermind Alliance to help learn, grow and support each other in all our various business endeavors.

By 10-1-17 I earn at least $8,000.00 each month. This provides prof help to clean and maintain our home in a manner pleasing and uplifting for my wife.

By 5-1-18 I earn at least $12,000.00 each month. This provides the opportunity for at least three weeks vacation travel for us each year.

By 5-1-19 I earn at least $25,000.00 each month. This allows the purchase of a motorhome for us to travel with our dog Brooksie.

By 5-1-20 I earn at least $40,000.00 each month, and By 5-1-21 I earn at least $80,000.00 each month. We are blessed to feel financially free for the remaining years of our lives.

I regularly Play Pickle Ball, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water to maintain physical health.

I sacrifice TV and Social Media unless it supports my Definite Major Purpose

Each step this way I feel greater love, safety, security, and gratitude for the opportunity to be as my personal pivotal needs lead me.


I always keep my promises


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MKMMA week 4

Well maybe not a “cake walk”, but HABITS oh baby HABITS. I’ve spent my life mostly as a victim of a habit of essentially no habits with any continuity. At this late stage the value of specific chosen habits have become so obvious to me. For right now in this particular place in my journey the building of the habit of reading the scrolls is CENTRAL and will (pretend the will is crossed out) is followed by abiding to the MKMMA teachings 100%. This time through I do not loose patience, I do not throw it away again for I know I do not truly ever QUIT, so I will not waste time trying to!

Here’s where I’ve gotten to so far………………

For starters I realize my true PPNs are Autonomy i.e. Independence in thoughts and actions i.e. we do in fact choose thoughts, actions and intentions by way of correct habits, and True Health i.e. as a Child (or actual part) of God  in his perfect Image spiritually, physically, and our intentionality of his pure love.

I am still piecing together my complete DMP. For starters I do not have specific dates, dollars or actions. What I mean by that is I still need some more sits. I want and will have enough money to take care of my Wife and My self by building my MLM business. That will be done by putting others first in keeping with the give more to get more laws of compensation concepts.We will have nice, but not necesarily extravagant living, and traveling capability. We will travel to some if not all the Wonders of the World. We will contribute to people and causes as prompted by our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

Well it’s getting past my bed time and I still have some more reading and week 5 stuff to work on.


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Week #3


For the last two years I was just “too smart by half” for those of you not from Northern New England  i.e. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, that is how we describe geniuses who know it all! I just did not really pay attention. I thought I was just too busy to really have to dig in deep. I could slide by as I had always done in school. Indefensible as it is, in my own defense, I do test with a fairly high I.Q.  I only now at 71 years old, bothered to read all the directions before assembling the Reverse Osmosis water filtration system I just bought and as usual did not really need to. After all when I was around 13 or 14 yrs old I disassembled the back landing and as I recall the 14 step stair case from our kitchen to the driveway, laid out and numberred all the boards etc, ordered new lumber and rebuilt the whole thing by myself. I also spent about 20 years as a Professional Tennis Teaching Pro and figured out a ton of information about the Brain and muscle memory and how we actually learn. We see things, turn the electrical impulses from our eyesight into electric impulses, then turn those into chemical information which is etched on brain cells and and voila we practice and get the hang of it. With all that intelligence how did I not understand and transfer the importance of HABITS? After all that is all just our body learning and creating, son of a gun HABITS. I love teaching and could go on and on about all the stuff I have figured out, learned, shared, and taught. I am compulsively analytical!

AND YET, it is only now when I am really desparate to build a solid MLM business after failing three other times, and going through the MKMMA course two years running I have humbled myself to actually do it by the numbers as I am told has it occurred to me the power of choosing to actually build good, productive habits. After all, our bad habits have SUCH a hold on us it only makes sense that we can choose and use good habits that will work to our benefit. Go 90 Grow is a course also available from Training Solutions that share the MKMMA information coupled with many actions  (read habits) specific to Building MLM or any other endeavors.

So there apparently is help for a too smart by half, stubborn, Aries, A.D.D. Irishman and what the heck it only took 71 yrs to find it. From here it must be an absolute cake walk RIGHT ?!




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Week Two At Last

So why do I say “at last”? For starters I have had a revalation about my PPNs. I find myself laughing, more all the time, about how similar, actually nearly identical my experience has been and appears to continue to be to Mark J’s. The pain and the humor and the attempts to dodge the things I did not want to be true as I realized they really are, and the unfolding , the creativity of our attempts to hold on to so many things even as we see the folly of doing so. The contortions, twists and turns trying to dodge the truth while clinging desperately to the lies we see clearer and clearer at every twist and turn. Then the joy, relief and peace as we accept each reality. Shedding the weight of our costumes, disguises, pretenses and virtualy floating ecstatically as the free unencumbered  pure spirits we were, are, and ever will be. Finding at last the naked truth I’ve dodged so much of my life and laughing and crying simultaniously at the weight lifted from my heart and soul. I REALLY AM WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS, AND HAPPY! I am what I am, and that’s all what I am.(a plagiarist) I am Rick! the perfectly twisted, whacky loving, well meaning Autonomous, Truly healthy being ready at last to just BE what the good Lord sent me here to be. Yes I want to be wealthy, to be helpful, to be whatever the moment wants and needs me to be to fullfill God’d purpose in sending me here at this time and place to be the piece of the puzzle that will run to the front, holler to all others LET’S GO  everything we ever wanted to do and be is waiting for us just over the horizon, the next horizon and all the horizons beyond!!! It will be great! it will be fun! it will be exciting! come on it will be perfect because we are perfect. WHAT? you don’t believe? That’s ok trust me I’ve been there and not only survived, but flown like an Eagle! You can and will too! I know it with every fiber of my physical and spiritual being! I’ll help you and I know sooooo many others who will too. We are the MKMMAs, and so are you!

Good night all for now. When I wake up I’ll find out this really is all a dream……. a dream we all share and together make come true!

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Oh no, not again Rick!

Yes again! This will be my third try. Masochism at it’s best. But hey, a Psychiatrist is really expensive and as a lifetime member the only cost here is the public display of ongoing confusion. I mean really you’d think by now I would have some better idea of who I am and what I want. My PPNs are Autonomy and helping others. When doing the Color coding I show up as around 70% yellow, sort of an even split of White and Blue and about 5% Red. I’ve always thought and said money should be the least important factor in making decisions. “I am not one of those coldhearted money grubbing Reds! I refuse!!! People are far more important”

DAMN! People are most important, (in the past I assosciated Reds with valueing money more that people, so I could not possibly be Red.) Suddenly as I was once again facing and struggling with a genuine affection for ……….. you guessed it MONEY the WHY finally occurred to me that I really do thrive on helping people and that especially at this stage of my life 71 yrs young I can do more to help more people with the tool of money, and a generous supply of same also provides more freedom (autonomy) to help.

So I decided to be a Red. Low and behold as I re-read the traits and characteristics of Reds and Yellows they have a LOT in common. Decision makers? OH YEAH, need ALL the facts to decide or just the bottom line DUH bottom line please! Son of a gun, I AM a Red/Yellow. O.K. then Orange! Don’t tell me I can’t be! Autonomy Baby, Autonomy!!! I am Orange, but now thinking back to any time I have been asked what my favorite color is my answer has always been RED. So, I’ll just continue to be ME! The real authentic version without the doubt and angst. Oh well the doubt and angst have been with me a really long time, so step one on my renewed MKMMA journey for this year is focusing on my new found desire to be Red and see  myself RED in my sittings and go for the Gold in  my business.


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