MKMMA wk 7 2017 Rick Mahoney pt 2

AHAH!!!!!!! Three years ago during my first time through MKMMA I made a great Friend John Purdue and I was comfortable enough to ask what, in retrospect was a pretty (I’ll say naive to save face instead of stupid question) What does “knowledge does not apply itself mean”? He told me and yet only just now did it dawn on me that this was a BIG issue. I frequently understand intellectually what something means, but think that is enough. Finally JUST NOW TODAY! IT CLICKED!!!! I am soooo glad my Irish Yellow self finds itself really, I mean REALLY, REALLY hilarious. How can I have a genuinely high I Q yet overlook the application of things I know? Better late than never this year truly seems to be my break through year.  Of course then I wonder how many more of theese huge things are staring me in the face without me seeing them? It doesn’t matter because I know I AM  BOTH smart enough AND dumb enough to NEVER EVER EVER truly give up, Sort of a mixed blessing which I accept with a “Thank You”

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MKMMA week 7 2017 Rick Mahoney

AHHHH the MKMMA see saw! We where away last Sunday and I was not on the WEBBY.  I was already running behind, so even though I was so sure I would get caught up and watch the replay I have not and did not. Cruise control strikes again!!!! So; short blog this week, and back to work. Have done all my reads, but fell behind on sits which I reminded myself several times this week to be careful of. They seem to me to be the glue that bonds new pieces in place.

Well I can at least chk off blog as done and move on!

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MKMMA WK 6 2017 Rick Mahoney

Another week and another year. I am really excited! Four years in and still battling the old Blueprint. The difference this year is NEW BLUEPRINT is lengthening  the stride!!!! I have not given ANY serious thought to bailing out, and am staying calm, peaceful and HAPPY. Have not missed one day of working on maintaining habits. Past years got behind and skipped some days here and there. Have missed only one or two reads, though running behind a little from time to time. Upside is I am about to post my true to the heart, spirit, and soul  DMP. I am sure my guide will have some thoughts and suggestions which I will take to heart. Past years I posted an acceptable DMP in order to keep moving and try to stay current, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! It is too important and I am thoroughly peaceful about what really matters to me.

The dash Mark taught us about is, for me fun and exciting. I am 72 and have beaten all sorts of odds with Pancreatic Cancer completely clear now for 3 years without needing any chemo, or radiation. I feel great, play Pickle ball at a pretty high level keeping up with and blowing past MANY FAR younger players. Still fast as lightning and have far more endurance than many players 20, 30, even 40 years younger. I am shooting for 120! I KNOW why I am still here, what I really care about, and what God has in mind for me. My DMP has some pretty significant financial goals, and yet they are not the real meat of what matters. Following the promptings and directions of the Lord includes taking good care of my family, and being able to help others, so  yeah, I am a little behind with the press release and color panels so what! More important to actually be on the right track than a particular timetable. We will get to our right place at our right time.              “HE” and “I” are on it!!!!

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MKMMA wk 5 2017 Rick Mahoney

YUP it’s Fri night and I am late posting. I have my sister visiting with us for the week, which is REALY nice, and I have played Pickle Ball several mornings this week, which helps me think and ponder without struggling so much. I am sort of hitting the same wall I have the past 3 years, BUT and this is huge, I mean massively HUGE! I am happy, and accept that I have at least and at last hit a milestone. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!!!!! How can that be you may wonder. I was wondering that myself as I thought about this blog. My beliefs inform me that I am, as i believe we all are a child of GOD. He doesn’t send here to Earth any “seconds”. We are all here to learn and grow to one day become as he is, but for now we are what he knows we need to be, WORKS in progress! Even his son grew from Grace to Grace as John testified, and we all grow at our own pace, one step at a time. I am still working on my DMP, and it is MY DMP to move as he leads and guides me. That is really my only Burning Desire. I believe we learn and grow best when we act on faith following his inspired guidance, so how do we attach dates, times, specific quantifiable information before he gives us the promptings to act without fully understanding how and why, or even sometimes where we are going until we get there, open our eyes and say “Oh, now I see, now I understand”

Anyway, the other side of the coin is that the emphasis on writing a DMP is at least partly responsible for this realization, this enlightenment, this peace, and more courage to have and act on faith. Yes there are some material things that are important to me and to my wife (the greatest Blessing of all that I have) I will get some more hard plans including dates and $ figures to plug into my DMP. I am not, and do not intend to be another “Mother Teresa” however and god is smarter than I so I know that he is the “I” in us all.

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MKMMA 2017 wk 4 Rick Mahoney

OK MR MARK AND THE FAB DAVENE!!! (and coconspirator minions)

You must have forgotten I am a YELLOW as YELLOW can be. Each week on the webby you twist, turn my life upside down, go to fast, go too slow, change the order of the slides, and in truth do everything you can to (pardon me here) ____ me off! But I am on to you. My old blueprint has, well, is in the process of shattering into a million pieces, and the newer, ever improving Rick (68% yellow)Mahoney LAUGHS at how much a love hate relationship can SMASH the ____ out of the thickest, toughest 72 years of hard obnoxious cement!!!!!

I WILL SURVIVE AND THRIVE!!!!!!! so there take that you sweethearts! love you tons (at least by Mon morning now) Past years it took several days to forgive you, now it is just several hours, and after this post I expect I will laugh ALL the time and will follow you even after they take me away to that (well you know) Special place with many locks and no sharp utensils !!!!


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Ahah!!!!!! Mark J says to read OG, DMP, Numerous other things out LOUD with GUSTO!!! Davene says HEM. Well it all depends. After three years of MKMMA wandering in the wilderness while knowing in my Heart of Hearts I needed all this I finally AM all in. I speak and read with my true feelings now. Sometimes Gusto, sometimes HEM, but always with my heart’s TRUE DESIRE and feeling at that moment.  Don’t know exactly when, where, how and don’t care anymore, but I suddenly realized that very much like my religion I understood it all, I get the words, but understanding is a brain thing and embracing with heart and soul and DOING is, well, different. It is a frightening, jump off the cliff into pitch black thing that leaves me suddenly standing spiritually, emotionally, and visibly not hiding in the safety of the darkness we create with a facade we build out of the materials of other people’s opinions and ideas of life and how WE should live it, but square in the bare naked glaring judgmental noon day sun of the whole world. I am not so sure of myself! I am not so cavalier! I am not so strong! I am not so tough, hard, and yet I AM O.K. I am as, are we all a child of God and I am, as are we all his greatest miracle. We are made in his image, and it is his breathe, spirit, and life that he breathed into us in our dirty, dusty unfinished pre-mortal state. There are no secrets he has hidden from us. Miracles surround us in the form of EACH OTHER and we can all step up, bolster up, and when needed, lift up each other if we find the courage to break off and shed the hard protective covering we have built around ourselves.

HOW?  My wife once sent me a GREAT greeting card which on the outside read “let us live, let us love, let us share the deepest darkest secrets of our hearts”……………..The inside said “YOU GO FIRST”

Well my MKMMA Brothers and Sisters that is what we are all really here for isn’t it?


YOUR TURN! I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine and someone else’s We can do it together. I PROMISE!!!

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MKMMA week 2 2017 Rick Mahoney

In all honesty I am right now just fulfilling a course requirement to Blog and share. Trying to at least post something, almost anything for the sake of building and maintaining good habits, which as we all have heard, read and I am accepting “Good habits are the key to all success.” It is getting late and I am really tired. I am putting soooo much more of my heart, soul, and brain into the lessons, and exercises this year.

Stubborn old Rick signing off for now. Love u all

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