Press Release

My Press Release April 10, 2020

This began as a “Tag team Interview” ok here’s what that means. It began with a local reporter in Scarborough, Maine who agreed to find other reporters from areas I have lived in during my life. We started in Scarborough, Maine where we live most of the time.

  1. Mr Mahoney

Please just call us Rick and Marilyn and we want to thank you for your efforts to coordinate with some of your colleagues.

Thank you I will. I like variety as well as, pardon me, off the wall ideas.

No pardon needed and your candor is refreshing and part of your appeal.

  1. Can you tell me a little more about the “Tag Team In interview” idea.
  2. It’s pretty simple really. We love to travel in our Motorhome, we love spontaneity and the idea simply popped into my head and sounded like fun.
  3. That’s it? You’ve been very successful and that typically requires lots of planning, hard work, struggles, will power, stress and frankly doing things sort of on a whim doesn’t entirely fit that mold.
  4. Yes we have been blessed with success, what’s more fun? Seriously though in our business neither we nor many others we know are so different than anyone else. Early on though things were not as they are now.



We then went to Newton, Mass where I spent my life up to about 19 years old. We both had transcripts and picked up right where we left off while in Maine.


  1. How so and how were things then? We understand you did not win the lottery or inherit great wealth. Our readers want to know how did you get here and is there any chance for them?
  2. I need to lay some groundwork for you and it may not all be fun and games. O.K.
  3. Sure go ahead.
  4. I think Thoreau’s often quoted and some I here say misquoted statement is true. “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song in them”. When you really think about that I believe it is chilling. I for one do not believe we were put on earth to live that way. We are I believe literally Brothers and Sisters children of a loving God. What makes us alive? What is the real difference between a live being and a dead one. The Bible says God breathed life into man. He put into us his spirit and we have his spiritual DNA. How great is that and why would we be destined to live lives of quiet desperation?

Next stop in Worcester, Mass where I spent the next 40 or so years


  1. Does that mean we should all have the life you have?
  2. Not necessarily, but we are endowed with choice. We are the only species that thinks, decides and chooses as opposed to just reacting to outside stimulus. We are in fact inner directed not outer directed. I have lived in the USA my whole life and during the time of my life I have seen personally some startling changes. I was born in 1945, but have read and studied somewhat the country’s progression or I dare say digression. As an agricultural society we were pretty independent, but by nature communal.

We lived off the land without outside guarantees. Sure we helped each other out when needed. There were no IRA’s, pensions, 401K,s.

As we became more industrialized corporations needing workers offered what looked like a great deal. Good school, good grades, good company with good benefits and 40 or so years later a comfortable retirement in our “golden years”. Sounded great then and now, but it was corrupted over time. The balance that was promised by unions and management and the attention only to quarterly profits corrupted both sides. They knew at some point it was a house of cards and was totally unsustainable. They also knew however that it would collapse long after they got from it what they wanted short term and it would collapse on someone else’s watch. Any who dared speak up learned quickly that was not in their best interest. So that system really existed only three at the most four generations. Today there is no job security to speak of. No loyalty on pretty much anyone’s part.

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that you did not have that education, those degrees or other advantages. I understand too that you did not inherit what you have or win the lottery, so how do you explain it. Our readers want to know how you did it and they want in on it. What is the secret?
  2. Back to the future! Small businesses. Did you know Franchises were allowed to be legal by one single vote? They were thought to be scams. Look around and see what franchises cost today? Often times millions and there is no real security there either. There is only one place where we can fully trust our future. Our future is in our own hands. Really always has been and always will, but for too long we have looked for someone else to have our best interest at heart.
  3. OK so once again what is the answer? We are all on the edge of our seats to find out.
  4. The only truly mutually partnership I know of is one where both parties are truly dependent on each other. The industry I am in that I love has a lot of names, network marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Relationship marketing. Like Franchises it has doubters and like every other business venture there are great partner companies, good partner companies, ok partner companies and lets leave it at that. In general though there is true dependency in both directions.


Next stop back in Maine for Family visits.



  1. Rick and Marilyn welcome home. I am on the edge of my seat as I am sure our readers are, so how do you do it? How does it really work? How did you do it I guess is what we really want to know?


  1. There is a little more groundwork we need to touch on first to put it in perspective. I first encountered this industry in 1968. I worked a at a truck rental company and was washing one of the trucks. Some guy came in selling organic cleaning products and telling me how there are tons of people making a fortune in his business. I was too busy washing trucks, but did buy a 55-gallon drum of one of the “Miracle” products. I worked great, but I was still too busy washing the trucks.

Q And then?

  1. The truck rental company closed. I had grown up in Newton next to 4 Clay Tennis courts. I loved the game and had a great understanding of it especially the physical mechanics of it. I missed it. I got certified as a Teaching Professional and went to work at a club in Sudbury, Mass. One of the members came in early one morning and asked if I had a few minutes so he could tell me about a business opportunity. I listened and I saw the circles and I saw the obvious mathematical explosion and low and behold one of the products was the same organic cleaner. I jumped in with both feet, but had no idea that my thought that this was just “SELLING” and how difficult could that be?
  2. How difficult was it?
  3. It was a disaster!! I really did not understand it at all and decided I would never ever do that again. I liked the environment at the Tennis club. It was fun, I was an “Expert” and loved teaching. So we all lived happily ever after!!

Well, not exactly! Yes the environment was fun and I was good at it, but there was no real security or future, so once again I moved on. I always had great mechanical skills and could fix pretty much anything at all. I was good at it, so I opened an Auto Body Shop, but those circles still danced in my head and I understood the potential, so I figured I just picked the wrong Company. When a friend told me about the same circle projection related to long distance phone service I thought Great! no product to carry just get them signed up and cash the checks. Not exactly!

  1. How long did this go on? How many more tries did you make?
  2. I wish I could say it was the very next one, but I was beginning to learn there was something I was missing. Anyway there were two more before my ego finally accepted the fact that it was ME! After all except for the phone deal the other companies were still around any LOTS of people I knew were making a lot of money. The saving grace for me was a great friend and mentor who had faith in me. I am eternally grateful for him. He taught me an enormous amount and maybe most of all pointed me to an amazing online training site. The Master Key Master Mind Alliance. It was the hardest thing I ever did because of ME. The power of the mind has always interested me. When I was teaching I loved finding the exact phrase that would paint the right picture in someone’s mind so they could SEE what I was saying. It could be ten different ways of explaining for ten different people, but oh when I hit the right one they always said OH why didn’t you say that in the first place. It may seem silly to others but to me to reach someone at that level and see the excitement they had is incredible!

Between my friend and mentor and this training course and a phenomenal company in what is growing to a trillion dollar market everything just took off and here we are today living a life of incredible abundance. Not just abundance of money, but the abundant joy of teaching and helping others as I have been helped is amazing.

So as the country song goes “That’s my Story and I’m stickin to it”

  1. So after all that what is your advice, what is the company and how do we all get in.

God Bless you all and thanks for letting me share!

The story isn’t over there will be more.


6 Responses to Press Release

  1. masterkeywadeblog says:

    Fun to read and educational too. You obviously put some work into this but I’m sure others would enjoy reading this too

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job taking into account different reporters from other areas that you have lived.


  3. pffrgm1 says:

    Thanks, appreciate the follow


  4. Creative way to deliver your info. It’s cool reading about each of our paths that have brought us to the same teaching. Onward!


  5. Steven Earl says:

    I like the way that you have designed this, very original!


  6. pffrgm1 says:

    Thanks! Believe it or not this is a shortened version, and although it is from a previous MKMMA year, and one of several versions it is the one that was fun to write and I am pretty content with it😀🐾❤️🐰


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